Klein onafgeschreven gedicht over de grenzen van mijn hart, liefs Krage

Only time I stretched my heart
Is when I let you leave with my heart
And usually I don’t let anyone
Pull my dearest part on and on
You can’t let me wait being me
Till you end with everything but me

Geïnspireerd door ‘Runaway Bride’ over eenzaamheid omdat je niet jezelf kon zijn in een relatie, liefs Krage

how I want my sweetest breakfast

Dancing egg yolk with butter air
crumbled on a black moon

chunky corn with soft icebergs
which grinds between my white teeth

sticky cheese between smoked bread slices
in sauce with color of love

I am lost
when I sit down with him for breakfast

Oud leed mag voorbij zijn, liefs Krage

One more for me after you,
that I need to let your light shine true.
One more for the wrong trueth again,
that I make up to believe I can’t
One more for me after you.

One more for the proof I can love,
that never ever shows it’s enough.
One more for the aged habits
that back than I couldn’t knew why I did.
One more for the proof I can love

One more before I know,
that leaving is for your own growth.
One more before I forget,
how deeply I can make myself upsad
But I need once more before I become
Who I really am and what I really want.
So give me one more for me after you.