Het voelen van je eigen aanwezigheid in het ‘nu’, liefs Krage

Whenever I am not around
I seek for what I can be
Graving till I am down
Remind me of the lemon tea

Whenever I’m sitting quiet
My head talks me the silence through
I hear this place is crying
Next time I’ll know what I do

Where ever I meet two eyes
Remind me baby of my dance
Bodied between my dies
I am a stranger to my sense

Oud leed mag voorbij zijn, liefs Krage

One more for me after you,
that I need to let your light shine true.
One more for the wrong trueth again,
that I make up to believe I can’t
One more for me after you.

One more for the proof I can love,
that never ever shows it’s enough.
One more for the aged habits
that back than I couldn’t knew why I did.
One more for the proof I can love

One more before I know,
that leaving is for your own growth.
One more before I forget,
how deeply I can make myself upsad
But I need once more before I become
Who I really am and what I really want.
So give me one more for me after you.