About the artist

Kristel Peijnenborg (1987) born in Tilburg, is a designer, draftsman, poet and entrepreneur with heart and soul. She rather calls herself an “expresser”.


As a child, Kristel often drew hours types of people at the diner table and made already her own illustration booklets. She wanted to go to art school, but ended up going to a brand new study: Communication & Multimedia design. 


After graduating she couldn’t really get satisfied in the first jobs and spend the evenings starting her business. Less than a year, she decided to fully focus on her entrepreneurship and resigned. This was the best choice she ever made! So from 2016 she is registered as an entrepreneur up until today.

In april 2017 she started Kris Crayon, a biographic drawn character, as a relax therapy when she felt the discomfort of being single, self-employer without employers and unattached. She started a challenge of daily Instagram posts of hand drawn experiences. Nowadays her sketchbook contains more than 300 drawings and her Visual Diary newsletter has more than 200 receivers. Along the way this self taught therapy has showed her a lot about herself. Her visual work is describable as lovable, colourful, capricious, strange and laughable at the same time. 

Nowadays, she runs her own business KRAGE.nl as freelance brand specialist and since 2018 she also runs Visueeltjes, specialised in graphic recording and collaborates with business draftsman, storytellers and other companies. She absolutely enjoys working with others and creating exciting projects. 


Last year she started a long lasting personal goal: publishing her personal poetry book. Therefore she created another brand Villa Vingerwerk, a platform for poetry & art together with another artist and for publishing personal work.  


Although she didn’t went to art school and she felt she missed a few years of creativity by not doing what she loves the most, her work experience at big international organisations and her study background is now very useful to her as she can create her own communication, but also business wise she’s formilliar with the workway of many organisations.


Being an entrepreneur

About love & selfcare

Positive empowering

Life adventures

Being an entrepreneur



  • 01 january- launched a new company Visueeltjes for understandable communication in visualisation that corporates with draftsmen and business
  • september – upscaled KRAGE.nl to brandidentity specialist


  • 1 april, the first visual diary newsletter from Kris Crayon



  • 29 april – official launch party from KRAGE.nl for family, friends & clients
  • 1 may – the start of fulltime entrepreneurship as brand & concept designer with KRAGE.nl
  • till 2017 – creative writing Course Poetry Nowhere in Tilburg (2 years)


  • 1 september – registered company KRAGE.nl and received the first project as brand & concept designer.


  • 11 september – my first (unpublished) personal poetrybook (dutch & english)

My highlights

Draw events

  • Live postcard drawing during backpacking in at the Mantani Island in Peru, oktober 2018
  • drawing live portrait drawing at King’s Day market, 30 april 2018
  • drawing live portrait at Holy Moly Christmas market, 10 december 2017
  • drawing live portrait at Hoezee Marchee market Breda, 4 december 2017
  • Illustrations exposition at Beukenlaan, DutchDesignWeek Eindhoven,2014


  • a self-published PoetryArt book  ‘I write, I write, what you don’t see’ (dutch) with Karlijn Vlaardingerbroek. Published by Villa Vingerwerk, march 2020
  • Lovecouple book ‘Habla conmigo’ dedicated to my boyfriend, oktober 2018 
  • serie of 6 Spring postcards, april 2018
  • birthday calender of Kris Crayon
  • serie ‘big girls’ posters, november 2017
  • serie of 6 Winter postcards, november 2017
  • Poetry-Illustration book ‘Against the emptiness’ (dutch), oktober 2017 (in concept)

Poetry on stage

  • Open mic Tapschrift #3 @Tilburg, 26 november 2019
  • Open mic Circle session 058 @Leeuwarden, 13 april 2018, 
  • Group performance, Circle Session 020 @Amsterdam, 9 april 2017
  • Open mic Glas paviljoen @Eindhoven, 9 oktober 2017
  • Group performance poetry circle 013 @Festival Mundial, 27 juni 2016 
  • Talent contest Tilburgs DichtTalent 2013 @Tilburg, 14 april 2013
  • Debut: solo performance Dichterbij 013 @Tilburg, 14 february 2013

Work together with me?

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