Encourage your friends. Let’s meet in the internet speed. I’ve heard that when you walk down the street in Peru, you will be sent home by military, while in the Netherlands (with more % infected people) I hear the neighbours are still having a party. Please, think of other people and stay home. It’s not about your benefits, but about humanity. And videocalls are next level for real!

Clay on your way🗿 but keep it soft. Scroll to see >> the 5 tips to shape your life thanks to my first portrait sculpture course. Oh! I love the shapes of human faces. My draw experience helped me to construct the model, but a very different way of working. It’s amazing to put big pieces of clay and leave the perfection and stay objective to a humanface. How does the lines really go? And finally to shape, shape, shape to more fine details. Just like life! Well, after 7 hours you get exhausted, but this experience left me very proud and happy feeling about creating and expressing in whatever way! I’m humanity