Sketchbook of 2020

  • Guess which serie I’m watching on Netflix. Cheeky Blinders for all my girls!!! And Ohh, I love the 2...

  • After a survival in the closest supermarket: OHHHOHHHHH!!! OH 😯😨...

  • Aan de hand van de ThuisDicht Challenge #3. Schrijf bij dit beeld [plaatje] een gedicht in maximaal ...

  • Aan de hand van de ThuisDicht Challenge. Gebruik de zin ‘Verveling stond chic’ en gebrui...

  • Encourage your friends. Let’s meet in the internet speed. I’ve heard that when you walk down the str...

  • Post! 💌 Today was World Poetry Day and exactly on this day my love was “planned” to fly to meee! 🇱🇺 ...


Over de auteur

My name is Kristel Peijnenborg and I’m workingas illustrator and poet for about 15 years and almost 10 of illustrator. In my blog i’ll tell you alot about me.

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Visual diary inschrijven!


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How do I survive the quarantaine?

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